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Theres support for mental health, but God, its not enough. Especially when we live in a digital generation, where everyones best lives are in our faces every day, she explained. I still felt such shame going to the doctors where in the waiting room there were hundreds of pamphlets about coping with illnesses, but not one related to mental health. We live in a world where everyone can sympathise with a broken leg, but not a broken mind. Gilbride shared a series of shots, taken by her friend and professional photographer Alexandra Cameron, which show the physical toll that depression has taken on her. She explained that her Instagram feed may show her best self, but this latest set of photos depicts how she looks most of the time. ALEXANDRA CAMERON The 27-year-old added that they are the hardest images shes ever shared, not because shes makeup-free, but because you can visually see the damage that her mind has done to her face and body. Gilbride, whose successful blogging career has led to her starring in adverts for Schwarzkopf and working with brands such as ASOS and Levis, said she hopes her honesty will help others with mental illnesses feel less isolated. For now, I may not be my best version of myself, she wrote. But currently this is my beautiful. The blogger said sharing her experiences and opening up about the deepest, darkest parts of her life was absolutely terrifying, but it was equally therapeutic. After she hit publish, she received hundreds of positive messages about her post which left her in tears. ALEXANDRA CAMERON She told The Huffington Post UK: Im overwhelmed with the love from the online community, and so very happy and proud that people want to share their experiences too. She added that she hopes her post will help people currently alienated by mental illness to feel connected once more. I hope that anyone who reads this recognises they arent alone in this. Mental health isnt something to be embarrassed of and it certainly doesnt define who we are, she กระเป๋า zara mango said. I want people who fight it to know their strength and people who witness it to have a better understanding, too. I want the stigma to exist only in the past. For everyone to understand that we are still powerful beings yes there may be darkness, but were still able to shine, too.

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